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The Habitats Directive requires the potential effects of spatial and land use plans (ie Local Plans) on European sites such as the River Mease Special Area of Conservation (SAC) to be assessed. This Developer Contribution Scheme (DCS) is the result of this assessment and provides a strategic approach to off‐setting the negative effects of development.

All new housing and commercial development which contribute additional waste water (and therefore phosphate) through a sewage treatment works which discharges into the River Mease catchment will have a direct impact on water quality and will be required to provide developer contributions or undertake appropriate mitigation.

The River Restoration Plan has been developed for the River Mease and Gilwiskaw Brook to help achieve the objectives of the Habitats Directive and the Water Framework Directive, which are pieces of European legislation that aim for SAC rivers to achieve favourable condition and good ecological status respectively. The River Restoration Plan incorporates a range of restoration measures, some of which can be directly linked to benefits in terms of reducing levels of phosphorous. These are the projects which are being delivered by the Developer Contributions Scheme along with education measures and a silt trap.

There are a number of documents which contribute towards the improvements to the River Mease SAC:

Revised River Mease SAC Contributions Strategy for Consultation

North West Leicestershire District Council, South Derbyshire District Council and Lichfield District Council, working in partnership with the River Mease Programme Board* has published an updated Developer Contributions Strategy (DCS2) for a consultation period which ends at 5pm on Friday 5th August 2016.

The DCS2 follows the publication of the Water Quality Management Plan for the River Mease and once adopted will enable these local authorities to continue to allow a limited amount of development within the river catchment provided a financial contribution is made in line with the DCS2.

Any comments received on the DCS2 will be considered by the River Mease Programme Board before the respective planning authorities in the catchment area are asked to adopt the document.

Please click this link to view the Developer Contribution Scheme 2 (DCS2), DCS2 Appendix 1 and Non-technical summary.

Please make any representations online using Citizen Space or via email to development.control@nwleicestershire.gov.uk

*The River Mease Programme Board comprises of: The Environment Agency, Natural England, Severn Trent Water, North West Leicestershire District Council, South Derbyshire District Council & Lichfield District Council