Development in the River Mease catchment must be carefully managed to ensure that increased levels of phosphorus do not enter the watercourse due to changes or additions to foul water or surface water drainage, in order to protect the River Mease SAC and SSSI. Development in the River Mease catchment is therefore likely to require mitigation measures which would need to be provided at a cost to the developer.

The organisations involved in monitoring and enhancing the River Mease, understand that development within the catchment is often necessary, and therefore we are keen to work with developers to achieve solutions that both enable development but ensure no detrimental impact upon the River Mease. This can be through bespoke solutions on a site-by-site basis, as well as through Developer Contributions Schemes, where funding from development feeds into mitigation projects throughout the River Mease catchment. Due to the success of the previous two Developer Contributions Schemes, a third Scheme is proposed to offer further mitigation solutions across the catchment.

Natural England have provided a standard advice document to help guide developers in how to approach the any new development in the catchment of the River Mease, available here.

Developers are strongly advised to engage early with the relevant Local Planning Authority to discuss plans for development and the potential requirements for mitigation, before progressing with plans. Email addresses for each planning authority that covers the Mease catchment are below.