River Restoration

River restoration helps towards returning the SSSI into ‘good’ condition. The principal with river restoration techniques such as river bank re-profiling, the introduction of woody debris, and improving the riparian corridor, is that it restores natural features and processes of the river that have been damaged due to man-made modifications, over deepening, and diffuse pollution. Restoring these processes leads to improvements in water quality, habitat quality and diversity for the designated species, and improved resilience towards climatic changes and pressures.

A major series of restoration projects are currently being delivered between 2019 and 2022 using funding provided by the Environment Agency. This project  works with landowners along the river to work towards achieving the goals of the river restoration plan by delivering schemes along the River Mease and its tributaries. The Trent Rivers Trust is leading on the delivery of the restoration project, working closely with the EA, along with Natural England, Catchment Sensitive Farming and the NFU. For more information on projects that have been completed, please go click on the ‘projects’ section.

There are several projects planned for the summer of 2021. The work at Birds Hill in Measham is close to a number of properties in the town. For more details please read this leaflet; Leaflet Birds Hill Public flyer

This river restoration project is guided by the River Mease Restoration Plan. The 2011 study identified areas in need of enhancement, rehabilitation or restoration, based on a number of assessment factors including riparian vegetation, bank erosion, channel straightening and lack of floodplain connectivity.

A number of other reports have also informed the activities taking place on the River Mease SAC to improve its water quality and wildlife habitat. Read more here: